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My grandma

I thought Ingmar Bergman was so cool, having grown up not being able to differentiate fantasy from reality. He ended up being such an expressive filmmaker. Cool stuff.

But when Mama is going through the same thing, mixing up dreams with reality, getting upset over things that never ever happened in real life, it seems a lot more saddening.

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Chilbongie’s Body Appreciation Post

Have you done well on earth?

Only those who have done good on earth bare no shame in the presence of God.

Not sure which I am. Half and half

@HeartCapricorn: #Capricorn’s have two extremes either being painfully shy & an introvert or being outgoing & an extreme extrovert.

We are fated to pretend~ there I sang it!!

Know the moment when you wanna reply in song when someone posts something online, but you haven’t commented to them for awhile so it’s weird to reply in song and just posting the song lyrics will be too obvious, so instead you just type a whole comment about the feeling of the whole moment instead? (This was meant as a comment, but well twitter didn’t let me be witty and I didn’t wanna post it on fb for everyone, so it’s penned down, so only you and I know how good my jokes are. Hahaha.)


Only finally after the very last class of Directing did something struck me. I think that perhaps I may want to have a minor in directing.

Tie me down if you want me to stay. Hold on tight so I won’t drift away

Because you are shining so bright you don’t even know your light.

What if you were meant for something great and doubting yourself would be the very thing that stops you from truly shining.

Good but not necessarily effective

Talking to yourself is a good way to push yourself to a decision sometimes. And we just decided to sleep and do work later.

Does you inspire you?